We’re independent. We put you first.

Relationships are built on trust, being available and constant communication. We do that every day. We are your independent investment management and wealth planning group…not hindered by corporate politics and not locked in to any investment products.

Your Financial House

If you’ve ever built a house or known somebody who has, you know there was a vision of what it would look like long before it was constructed. If you told the builder, “Listen, we’ve taken pictures off the internet,sketched out some designs and this is how wethink the house should look. We really don’t want to do a blueprint… just start building.” The builder would never take that job.

Sadly in the financial service industry, you can meet with a financial advisor, share your vision, thoughts and financial statements only to watch the advisor jot down a few notes and say, “Now that I have a glimpse of your vision, let’s take your money and place them in “these investments” which have historically done well.”

This is the equivalent of a builder who would take your money and start building your house without a blueprint. You would never build a house without a blueprint. Why would you do the same with your financial future? You need a financial blueprint to build Your Financial House

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Are you asking the right questions?

The one question that most investors want answered is, “What should I be investing in now?” Finding an answer is usually not difficult. There are hundereds of advisors (and just as many websites) willing to answer this question. But how many times have you bought a recommended stock or other investment only to watch it decline? And how many times have you then heard, “Just ride it out. It’ll bounce back.”


Buy & Hold or Buy & Hope?

Simply put, the “buy and hold” investment strategy DOES NOT WORK most of the time. From January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2008 the S&P 500* index was down more than 38%. However, investment advisors as a group still seemed reluctant to do anything but recommend that investors hold on to stock (and stock funds) despite the fact that the market was in a tailspin.

“…The Buy and hold investment strategy does not work…”

To properly manage a portfolio, we feel that there are two essential questions that have to be answered.

  • Should we be growing our portfolios now or protecting them?
  • Are we invested in the right place given the current market conditions?

Our strategy is the combination of fundamental analysis and technical analysis. It’s like a musician playing the piano. Restrict him to playing the piano with one hand and the music he makes is going to be marginal at best. Let him play with both hands and he will make beautiful music. Fundamentals can potentially answer the question of WHAT to buy and technicals potentially answer the question of WHEN to buy.

Forget the Pie Chart.

Chances are if you have ever sought advice from an investment advisor, you have been presented with a colorful pie chart recommending that you allocate your assets according to a pre-determined model, based on your investment objectives, age, risk tolerance, and time horizon. This type of PASSIVE INVESTMENT MANAGMENT allocates investments among a broad array of asset classes and holding such assets for an extended period of time regardless of market conditions.

At Garrett & Robinson, we ACTIVELY MANAGE our clients’ portfolios based on a strategy whereby exposure to different asset classes varies based on changing economic and market conditions.*


We believe there is a time to be on OFFENSE and a time to be on DEFENSE. When risk levels are low, we want to be in a wealth-accumulation mode and when risk is high, we want to be in a wealth-preservation mode. To ascertain the overall risk in the market, we use a  method of technical analysis that measures the supply and demand relationship for more than 90 broad sectors of the market. Further analysis enables us to determine which asset classes present the greatest momentum and growth potential.

Our investment strategy is designed to MEASURE, MANAGE, and POTENTIALLY MITIGATE RISK. Most importantly, it adapts to economic and market changes, which keeps your portfolio from being stuck in one spot while the world moves on and leaves you behind. (No strategy assures success or protects against loss.)

Your Financial Independence

LPL Financial is one of the leading financial services companies and the largest independent broker/dealer in the nation*. For more than four decades, the firm has served as an enabling partner, supporting financial advisors in their goals of protecting and growing their clients’ wealth. A chief objective of LPL Financial is to reduce the complexity of running a financial services practice so advisors can focus on what they do best – help their clients attain their financial goals and fulfill their dreams.

With headquarters on both coasts, LPL Financial supports financial advisors in helping their clients by offering a robust mix of services and tools such as:

– Enabling technology
– Comprehensive clearing and compliance services
– Practice management programs and training
– Independent research

LPL Financial understands that providing Americans with objective investment advice is critical to their financial security. Because the firm has no proprietary products to sell, LPL Financial advisors can provide truly objective advice and investment recommendations.

The firm’s mission is clear:
We believe that objective financial guidance is a fundamental need for everyone. We enable our customers to focus on what they do best—create the personal, long-term client relationships that are the foundation for turning life’s aspirations into financial realities.

Thousands of financial advisors nationwide rely on LPL Financial to help meet their clients’ financial needs. They do so by using the firm’s tools and resources that help them discover their clients’ priorities, dreams, and passions; analyze and develop financial plans that support every stage of their clients’ lives; and make product recommendations that put clients on the path to pursuing their goals.

For more information about LPL Financial, visit www.lpl.com

*As reported in Financial Planning Magazine, 1996-2014, based on total revenue.

If you’re like most people, you’re working toward financial independence…

… or you’ve already achieved it and want to safeguard your wealth so you remain independent for the rest of your life. That’s why you’re interested in developing a relationship with a financial advisor in the first place.

Shouldn’t you work with someone who values independence, too?

By offering securities through LPL Financial (member FINRA/SIPC), we’re independent wealth consultants, objective about financial products. In other words, we’re free to make recommendations based on what we believe will do the best to achieve your individual financial objectives. We don’t make our recommendations based on what a parent company thinks “everyone” should have in their portfolios.